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Zirona specializes in providing IT support, managed IT services, and cybersecurity solutions to Irish SMEs. Our mission is to manage your IT and cybersecurity needs so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

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Co-Managed IT & vCIO

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Co-Managed IT

As today’s IT landscapes become increasingly intricate, businesses are compelled to adapt their IT infrastructure with scalable, cost-effective solutions for long-term benefits. What’s needed is a blend of internal IT teams’ flexibility and the expertise offered by managed services. Enter co-managed IT services, which seamlessly merge these two realms into a unified platform.

In this article, we’ll delve into the fundamentals of co-managed IT services and explore the advantages they offer for both business organizations and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

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How does co-managed IT differ from traditional managed IT services?

While managed IT services typically entail the provider assuming full responsibility for all aspects of an organization’s IT infrastructure, co-managed IT limits these responsibilities to specific services offered by the MSP.

Co-managed IT services can take various forms depending on the services required. For instance, a company might delegate its help desk support to an MSP, or engage MSPs solely for network management and security monitoring. In the realm of co-managed IT, a company leverages MSP services only when its internal IT department lacks the time or expertise to manage certain operations independently.

How does co-managed IT function?

In today’s business landscape, technology serves as the backbone of organizational operations. For businesses experiencing rapid growth, it’s imperative to equip themselves with the appropriate technology to manage the escalating IT workload. However, constructing everything from scratch is not only time-consuming but often impractical. In such scenarios, co-managed IT emerges as the optimal solution, preventing IT departments from becoming overwhelmed.

When faced with such demands, businesses enlist MSPs to handle certain IT functions. Before committing to a co-managed IT service, it’s essential to assess your existing IT environment and identify areas of deficiency.

Consider the following factors:

  • Your current technology stack, toolkit, workforce, and skill gaps.
  • The specific services requiring assistance.
  • Your business objectives and IT’s role in achieving them.
  • Potential MSP partners capable of addressing your needs.

Once these considerations are evaluated, it’s time to engage a managed service provider. Co-managed IT delivers the flexibility necessary for effective IT management. Choose your partner wisely to ensure your technology requirements are met effectively.

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Why choose Zirona for Co-Managed IT Services in Dublin?

Control over existing IT operations: Co-managed IT services empower organizations to maintain full control over their IT operations. They have the flexibility to choose a partner solely for the services where assistance is needed.

24×7 IT support: Businesses embracing a co-managed IT model can rely on their IT service partners for round-the-clock support. Even during holidays or periods of short-staffing, they can enlist temporary resources from their partners.

Customized services: In the co-managed IT services model, businesses receive tailored IT support aligned with their specific requirements. They can engage one or multiple IT service partners to address technology or skill gaps as needed.

Immediate implementation: Co-managed IT services can be swiftly implemented without delay. Businesses avoid the time-consuming processes of hiring, onboarding, and training new staff typically associated with starting a project from scratch.

Cost-effectiveness: Co-managed IT services often prove highly cost-effective for businesses. By bypassing the need to build their own IT infrastructure, they sidestep significant investments in new software solutions, workforce expansion, and other technologies.

Reduced workload and enhanced morale: Internal IT teams frequently face overwhelming workloads as they strive to meet the demands of the modern business environment. External assistance in sharing their workload not only lightens their burden but also contributes to improved morale among employees.


The strategy your business needs.

Small and midsize companies often recognize the need for a Chief Information Officer (CIO) but may lack the resources for a full-time hire. Enter the Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), a tailored solution perfectly suited to address this gap. A vCIO functions as a dedicated resource, offering strategic guidance and planning while managing IT strategy, implementation, and budgets in alignment with organizational goals. The role of a virtual CIO encompasses both strategic business and technical responsibilities. This includes spearheading digital transformations for gaining competitive advantages and ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance through robust cybersecurity solutions. Partnering a vCIO with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can catalyze digital transformation efforts, enhance technology adoption, and streamline various operational processes.
Zirona offers an all-inclusive, fixed cost IT support service to all-size businesses in Dublin and the surrounding areas. We're your one-stop shop for everything IT & Cybersecurity.
Unlike other managed IT services in Dublin, Zirona brings a personalised, proactive approach geared toward meeting your business needs. We take a customer-centric approach that starts with us understanding your needs. Additionally, we’re professional, reliable, and trustworthy in our dealings; qualities that have led to long-term partnerships with the Dublin business community.
Zirona and it's employees have a 2-decade-long history of empowering Dublin businesses with cutting-edge solutions that help them maintain their competitive advantage over similar businesses in the state. For instance, we’ve helped a commercial flex-office provider improve its overall IT function drastically by implementing an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution. We have also helped a recruitment company alleviate downtime and run their operations efficiently by responding quickly to their issues that were outstanding with the previous IT provider.
Zirona stays atop of the evolving business technologies as well as the cybersecurity threats that they face. In addition, we keep close touch with the businesses that we serve to understand their current challenges. Our culture is built around continuous learning and improvement, as we encourage our clients to adopt robust, newer technologies. We're very active in the IT community and constantly upskill ourselves with the cutting edge technology.
We look for our teams to have a meaningful response to support requests inside of a 5 minute window. Our average response time for the year 2023 was 2 minutes.
We call it “graduating to Zirona” and we have developed a specific process over 20+ years to make the switch as effortless as possible. Our 7-step Onboarding is led by our Client Success experts. The process is designed so that we can really get to know what drives your organization and ensure that your IT support has a solid foundation to grow from. 

What do we offer?

We understand that each business has unique requirements, which is why we offer fully personalised managed IT packages tailored to suit any business size or budget.
Zirona doesn't impose extra charges when your network experiences downtime or a server encounters issues. Our flat-rate fee covers all such incidents whenever they occur.
You'll never have to worry about network disruptions again, as our managed IT services include continuous monitoring of your computers and network to proactively address potential issues before they disrupt your operations.
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Zirona will be there for you and with you; every step of the way. We've a well thought-out and painless process that will smoothly bring you on board. Onboarding usually takes 7 days but this process can be faster or slower depending on your organisation size.
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